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Robin Eubanks


Five-time DownBeat critics poll winner and electric trombone pioneer Robin Eubanks has covered vast terrain in the course of a 30-plus-year career, but until this year he’d never made a big band album. That changes with the release of More Than Meets The Ear (ArtistShare), a groundbreaking collection of Eubanks’ muscular, interleaved compositions, featuring an all-star lineup.


For those less familiar with Eubanks’ body of work, this album offers a perfect primer, almost serving the role of a “best-of” collection: Most of these pieces have been played in various contexts over the years, and were originally written for groups like the Dave Holland Quintet and SF Jazz Collective, where Eubanks has been a longtime member. But More Than Meets The Ear also ups the ante: Benefitting from a 19-piece band and a yearlong sabbatical from his professorship at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Eubanks built the most harmonically and rhythmically layered work of his career.


“The big band allowed me to really flesh things out,” Eubanks said. “When I originally wrote most of the stuff on here, I was actually thinking of a larger group than I was writing for. Even the stuff I first did with Dave Holland, I was hearing more horns.”